Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome to Pathfinders

Hello all and welcome to the Pathfinders Camp blog! It has been an amazing trek to get to this point. Actually, Pathfinders started with trekking on the AT (Appalachian Trail). When we first began we were doing backpacking trips on the AT with amazing youth groups and really whichever students wanted to go. We wanted to see students lives changed and empowered by learning that God loved them and that He had a plan for their lives. It's so amazing to think now the Lord has blessed us with a beautiful camp with a bunkhouse, lake, ropes course, paintball courses and most of all the amazing campers that come and allow us to be a part of their lives. Welcome to Pathfinders and we hope that you enjoy the story of our trek. Stay tuned for more stories, updates, and craziness!

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