Monday, February 15, 2010

the new HIGH 5 Program is waiting on Peyton Manning Grant!!! Hopefully:)

Hey guys!
Lots is going on at the camp but i want to fill you in on the new HIGH 5 Program! This program is focused on Section 8 housing teens. Our goal is to get 100 full scholarships for teens in section 8 housing! We have sent in a grant proposal to Peyton Manning and his PeyBack Foundation in Indiana asking for 70 Scholarships! If we are granted the scholarships we will be able to give full scholarships to 5 students in each government section 8 apartment housing in the Tennessee Tri-Cities area. That will be an awesome gift to the amazing campers that will come from those areas! Please pray with us for an acceptance of our proposal and full support from the PeyBack Foundation!

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