Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Feed Back is Good Medicine like Joy!

Wow! When you work at building up a ministry sometimes you have no clue what type of impact that it may be having on the community. Last year we had over 1,300 people come throughthe camp and we continue to spread the word about the camp and what the vision is here to change the hearts of this generation and be a resource for the community and world around us.
This past week we received some good 'Joyful' feedback.
First, one of our great volunteers walked into Chef's Pizza in Kingsport with a Pathfinders hat on. The teenage girl that took his order asked excitedly, "Do you work at Pathfinders?!" He replied no but that he helps out there. The girl was over'Joy'ed anyway and explained with great enthusiasm about how much she enjoyed being out at the camp. She came out to play paint ball with her youth group as best we can tell from the story and raved about how much fun she had. She told our volunteer when he asked her if she won at paint ball, 'No, I got shot way more times than I shot someone else but I had a blast.'
It is so wonderful to hear stories like this in our community. Everyday amazing high school students that have been touched by being here at the camp.
Another incident of 'Joy' was a father called the office last week. He had never been here but his daughter had been here for an event with her youth group and apparently loved being here. The father was calling to ask if his daughter and her friend could have their 16th birthday party together here at the barn. He raved about how much she enjoyed being out here. We explained that in mid-January that the barn was not any warmer than the air outside because its an open air barn but they were too positive and excited to let that stop the party.

What an answer to prayer. Our prayer is not just that students would have a good time but that they would feel the presence and joy of the Lord when they are here. Our desire is for God to use this property and all He puts on it to touch the lives of area students either as campers, birthday girls or random festival visitors. God is using this land and we are so excited to be a part of it and see Him work.

Please pray with us for the students that will be coming to camp this summer. We want each students that wants to come to camp to be able to attend regardless of financial ability and for God to bring in the staff required for the task of being used to touch the lives of these incredible world changer teenagers.

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