Monday, December 7, 2009

Life Transformation

“I learned so much, not only how to work in team groups, but so much about God!” “I really feel like I’ve grown closer to God, and the messages helped me understand God more.” “God came into my heart.” “I had an amazing time… now I don’t want to leave.” These are a few words from campers this summer.
It was such a wonderful summer and God has blessed us with such a great support group, YOU. Thank you for making this summer possible. You have allowed yourselves to be His hands and feet and it has truly touched the lives of students all over the region & beyond!
This summer 40 of the campers gave their hearts to the Lord! We wish you could have been here for those moments.
Thankfully, our staff got to witness first hand these transformations as students grew in their knowledge and commitment to Christ. Our focus was on grace and mercy and the students really responded to God’s word.
Our staff poured themselves into each of the campers using their lives to reach out to these amazing students.
In a word, this summer was unbelievable. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, time, financial support and for being a part of this ministry.
Also a big “thank you” from the campers that could not afford to come to camp, but did because of your generous giving and support. Thanks to each and everyone for doing your part. You are impacting
students futures!

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